Vitamin Injections

Enhance your well-being with important vitamins your body and mind needs

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Vitamin Injections -

Vitamin D and B12 Shots To Boost Body And Mind

Vitamins play a critical role in maintaining optimal health. Yet not everybody is able to absorb sufficient quantities of vitamin B12 and vitamin D naturally. If you’re not getting enough vitamin D from sunlight or your digestive system cannot absorb vitamin B12 due to a medical condition, vitamin injections provide a fast and simple solution.

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Vitamin B12

Helps to prevent fatigue, headaches, digestive problems.

Vitamin D

Helps to fight infections, protect against heart disease and strengthen bones.

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Vitamin Injections in Ashford Kent

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D Injections

Vitamins are a foundational requirement to maintaining good physical, emotional and mental health. When our bodies do not get sufficient quantities of vitamin B12 and vitamin D, our body doesn’t function properly and our wellbeing is impaired.

A B12 deficiency disrupts your metabolism which has a knock-on effect on weight, appetite and energy levels. It plays a key role in building protein molecules together with critical bodily functions including the production of red blood cells, nerve cells and DNA.

A Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked with weight gain, depression, and fatigue. It also plays an important role in developing immune defences against colds, flu, viruses and bacteria.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency can mimic other illnesses. It is, therefore, important that you consult a qualified medical professional with experience in administering vitamin injections.

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Vitamin Injections in Ashford, Kent?

Elizabeth Aesthetics take the utmost care to ensure your health and wellbeing is catered for. We take pride in delivering a five-star performance and conduct an initial consultation to confirm you don’t have any medical conditions that might risk your health.

Elizabeth has been a practising nurse for over 22 years and trained as an aesthetic practitioner for 7 years at Harley Street. Before confirming your vitamin injections, we perform a blood test to ensure other illnesses are not present. If your GP has already performed a blood test, bring it to the consultation with you.

Vitamin injections are ideal for anybody with a vitamin B12 or vitamin D deficiency. If you do not receive enough sunlight, you have autoimmune atrophic gastritis or recently underwent gastrointestinal surgery, speak to our trained specialists about taking vitamin shots.

During the procedure, we sterilise the area around the deltoid muscle and skilfully inject the vitamins into your arm with a short syringe. The jab is quickly covered with a gauze and bandaged to prevent infection.

You will feel a slight pinch in your arm, but vitamin injections are not painful. After the injections have been administered, the area will feel tender so try to avoid touching it.

Vitamin injections are not the only means of topping up your vitamin levels. However, they are the quickest and most effective. Injections deliver vital vitamins directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, you don’t have to rely on your digestive system lie you do with supplements.

IV drips also dispense vitamins into your bloodstream, but the process is slower. You also have to be hooked up to an IV bag. The procedure for vitamin injections is quicker and more convenient.

Your body should respond to vitamin injections within 48-72 hours. If you have extreme low levels of vitamin B12 or vitamin D, you may need several vitamin shots to restore the nutrients your body needs to function properly. Our qualified practitioners will confirm how many vitamin injections you may need during your initial consultation. We also conduct follow-up calls to make sure your body is responding to the treatment.