Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Activate your facial skin's collagen production

Discover the Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

This highly effective skin tightening treatment is a fusion of radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies, radiofrequency skin tightening treatment will activate your facial skin’s collagen production, aiding in the tightening, lifting, and the overall smoothing of the skin. As a result, radiofrequency skin tightening is fast becoming a popular skin rejuvenation choice for people affected with areas of saggy or loose facial skin. 

Radio-frequency skin tightening is ideal for those who want to try something other than dermal fillers but do not want to undergo invasive surgery.

How Does It Work?

Radio waves will be applied to the surface of your skin via a small wand instrument. The heat generated by the radio waves stimulates your skin to release collagen, and elastin, and stimulates blood circulation cell renewal. This results in a firming of the skin and increased volume or plumpness.

Many will see a visible change in their skin almost immediately. However, the results will continue to improve over time; we recommend one session a month until you see the desired effect. Sessions last around 3o minutes.


This non-surgical treatment is noninvasive. Typically, clients can expect a nominal recovery period and can resume normal activities immediately after treatment, post-treatment, and for around 24 hours, you may see some red blotching and experience slight soreness or tingles in the skin.

Trust & Authority

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Treatment is an effective procedure that combines radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies to stimulate collagen production in facial skin. This aids in tightening, lifting, and smoothing the skin, making it a sought-after choice for individuals dealing with areas of sagging or loose facial skin.

This treatment is suitable for individuals seeking non-invasive alternatives to procedures like dermal fillers or surgery. It’s particularly beneficial for those looking to address sagging or loose facial skin without opting for invasive surgical methods.

The treatment involves applying radio waves to the skin’s surface using a small wand instrument. The heat from these waves prompts the skin to release collagen and elastin, enhancing blood circulation and cell renewal. This results in firmer skin and increased volume.

Some individuals may notice visible changes in their skin immediately after treatment. However, optimal results usually manifest gradually over time. It’s recommended to undergo monthly sessions until achieving the desired effect.

The procedure is non-invasive, typically involving minimal downtime. Clients can generally resume regular activities immediately after the treatment. In the 24 hours following the session, there might be redness and slight soreness or tingling sensations in the treated skin areas.