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Moles, Cysts and Skin Tag Removal -

Specialist Skin Lesion Removal Surgery in Kent

Moles, cysts and skin tags are not necessarily harmless but they can be annoying and dent your confidence in social settings. It’s not uncommon for skin lesions to cause some people to feel anxious about their appearance. If you have an irritating mole, cyst or skin tag, speak to our specialists about our mole, cyst and skin tag removal procedures. Why make yourself feel anxious when you can feel beautiful!

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About Moles, Cysts and Skin Tags

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Cysts and skin tags are harmless and, therefore, not treated on the NHS. However, these types of skin lesions can cause discomfort and irritation. Most moles are also harmless but in some cases can develop into malignant melanoma and cause serious health risks if they are not removed.

The removal of moles, cysts, and skin tags requires a minor surgical procedure. Many healthcare practitioners continue to use the conventional methods of cutting, freezing or burning. Sound unpleasant, doesn’t it? Trust me, they’re no massage in a five-star resort.

Fortunately, technological advancements in medical healthcare offer a more effective way to remove moles, cysts and skin tags – without any pain or scarring!

Cosmetic Radiosurgery or Erbium Laser treatment is the latest form of removal treatment and has an advantage over conventional methods because it completely removes skin lesions cleanly leaving you with smooth, discrete and unblemished skin.

Furthermore, laser treatment is faster than conventional methods of skin removal and does not cause bleeding. The procedure will be over in 30-40 minutes and you won’t feel a thing. Cosmetic Radiosurgery or Erbium Laser are the most cosmetically acceptable skin removal apparatus there is.

Not only that, but your recovery requires zero downtime. Best of all, removing a mole, cyst or skin tag is a permanent solution. A brief, single session is all it takes to enjoy a blemish-free complexion.

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Moles, Cysts and Skin Tag Removal in Ashford, Kent?

Moles, cyst and skin tag removal can be performed for aesthetic or medical reasons. Our highly skilled and experienced practitioners use the latest techniques and technologies and perform a full consultation before recommending a treatment.

In addition, we aim to provide world-class customers service. You will be made to feel very welcome at our treatment centre in Ashford, Kent and our practitioners are very attentive.

In most cases, there is no reason to remove a mole other than for aesthetic purposes. The majority of moles are harmless, but they can become malignant and develop into an aggressive form of skin cancer called known melanoma.

Removing a mole reduces this risk. If you also have a mole in a conspicuous area of your body and it causes you social anxiety, mole removal is better for your mental health.

The easiest answer for that is not really unless the cyst is causing you discomfort, anxiety and frustration. Although they are harmless, if skin cysts become infected they can grow into boils whereby they become tender, sore and filled with pus.

A skin cyst is a fluid-filled lump that forms just below the surface of the skin. They are quite common and may disappear without treatment.

No, fortunately, skin tags do not have potentially cancerous properties. However, they can be extremely irritating – especially if you develop a skin tag around the eyelid. They can obscure your vision and make it uncomfortable to blink.

Skin tags are also common in other sensitive areas of your body such as armpits, neck, breasts, fat folds and around the groin area. If they get caught on clothes or jewellery they can sting a little.

Usually around 30-40 minutes.

You will experience a superficial wound to the treated area. A small scab will appear but after 7-10 days will be completely healed.

Our moles, cyst and skin tag removal service are conducted by specialists at Oscare Wellness in Ashford, Kent.