Ear Irrigation

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Ear Irrigation -

A Safe Method of Cleaning Ears Without Blocking

You may not ordinarily think about having your ears cleaned professionally. There doesn’t seem any point in ear irrigation – until the blockage starts causing you severe pain. And earache can be excruciating. Whilst it is common to clean your ears at home, rinsing with a shower, using cotton buds and washing the ears with soap or shampoo are inadequate. These methods can even be harmful over time because they cause blockages which can result in bacterial infections. Ear irrigation is a fast and simple way to clean your ears without the risk of blocking debris that builds up inside the auditory canal. With over 22 years as a practising nurse, Elizabeth has performed thousands of ear irrigation treatments.

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Effective Ear Irrigation in Ashford, Kent

Ear irrigation should ideally be performed by a qualified and experienced professional. With over 22 years as a fully registered nurse, Elizabeth has vast experience in administering ear irrigation treatments to clients of all ages.

Yes. As a matter of fact, ear irrigation is among the safest ways to clean auditory canals.

Whilst it is not a healing treatment, the process of cleaning your ears is a mandatory treatment to prepare the ear for further treatment in cases where infections and inflammation of the outer ear have occurred.

Elizabeth examines your ears and injects warm water, or a slightly acidic solution, into the ear canal with a compressor. It’s a simple procedure that is totally painless.

The procedure also causes minimal disruption to your usual rhythm of life. After 2-3 days, you will be able to exercise, eat conventional foods, and use makeup. However, avoid sauna, gym, pool, and extreme facial treatments for several weeks.

We recommend booking an ear irrigation treatment before going on holiday or whenever your ears feel clogged. If your hearing is impaired due to a build-up of cerumen, it’s usually a sign that you are ready for a professional ear cleaning.

  • Pain or extreme irritation in the ear canal
  • Partial hearing loss that worsens over time
  • Tinnitus
  • Itching, discharge, or unpleasant odour from the ear

We do not recommend ear irrigation treatment to anyone that suffers from chronic ear infections or injuries due to possible holes in the eardrum. Ear irrigation is also not recommended for individuals who have suffered acute ear infections in the past 6 weeks.

Ear Irrigation in Ashford Kent

Professional Ear Cleaning Service

Despite their popularity, cotton buds are not an effective method for cleaning your ears. Frequent use of cotton sticks compresses dead cells and cerumen deeper into the auditory canal. This can cause your ears to become blocked and may even cause an infection and inflammation.

In addition, cotton buds can damage the thin and delicate skin of the ear canal which ultimately causes more debris that blocks the ear canal and impairs your hearing. Essentially, ear cleaning sticks make it difficult to physiologically eliminate dirt from the auditory canal. In worst-case scenarios, they promote conditions for bacteria to flourish and cause viral infections.

The formation of cerumen in the ear is a natural phenomenon but can accumulate in the ear. In most cases, this will cause a blockage that impairs your hearing. The most effective way to clean your ears is to extract the build-up of ear wax and dead skin with ear irrigation treatment. What’s more, it’s recommended that you rinse your ears professionally approximately once a year – although this also varies depending on the individual.

Ear irrigation is a procedure that cleans the ear canal with warm water. In extreme cases, we use an acidic solution to help dissolve stubborn cerumen. Elizabeth is a registered general nurse with 22 years of experience and has administered thousands of treatments.